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Uzbekistan is famous in the world with ancient cities, with ancient scholars and conquerors, traditional foods and breads. Moreover, Uzbek fruits and vegetables are also considered as a great label of Uzbekistan. Especially, delicious and unique taste of Uzbek melon, watermelon, grape, pomegranate, peach, cherry, astounds world people. However, not any individual can taste real Uzbek fruits and vegetables as quality of the product can be affected negatively during transportation.

The solution for this case is freeze-dried products by BONAF™. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables keep their initial taste, shape and quality during significant time of period. So, these lyophilized products of the company can give you unique taste of Uzbek fruits and vegetables as fresh in any season of the year.

Freeze Drying Process

Freeze drying process, also known as lyophilization or sublimation, consists of two main stages. Initially fresh cut products are transported in to so called “Blast Freezer” and frozen below -40C temperature. Once products are deeply frozen, they are put into freeze drying chamber where vacuum is created by lowering the air pressure at certain degree.

Afterwards low temperature heat is transferred to products through the shelves of the freeze-drying chamber and ice in the product becomes gas bypassing liquid phase. The whole process may last from 24 hours up to 40 hours depending on the type, size and amount of the product. Almost 97-98% of water will be sublimated from products during freeze-drying process.


Natural fillers for dairy products

Freeze-dried fruits add natural and tasty flavor for dairy products (yoghurt).

Additives for cereals

Freeze dried fruits, especially freeze dried berries, add pleasant and unforgettable aroma to cereals.


Freeze dried fruits add natural color, aroma and pleasant taste to tea.


Freeze-dried vegetables become almost the same when cooked in various soups and foods. Cubes, slices and powder of freeze-dried vegetables allow customers to prepare nutritious, healthy and tasty meals.

Chocolate coated fruits

Delicious, ecologically clean, crunchy freeze-dried fruits and high quality chocolate create the combination of unforgettable taste.

Additives for semi-finished foods

Small cubes of freeze-dried vegetables can be used in semi-finished foods as natural, nutritious and healthy additive. Freeze dried vegetables does not affect the shelf life of the semi-finished products.


The Company Bonaf™ can offer freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in various shapes depending on customer`s requirements: cube, slice, strip-cut and powder.

Freeze dried carrot (yellow)

Freeze dried carrot

Freeze dried red beet

Freeze dried pear

Freeze dried apple

Freeze dried melon


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